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 add port allocation management and safety stuff
 Add query of system default
 allocate proper indices
 assumes 256-entry DAC
 can’t tell difference if/ bin/ sh returned 127
 causes panic on Bochs due to kb overflow
 command ID is a dword,not a byte,and is going to change
 Compiler workaround
 CR0_NE does not exist on a 386
 create a thread rather than bruteforce starting things
 deal with*_channel_event_ind
 ESI usage?
 fill fields
 GetPageEntry race condition
 go to storage medium and get info
 How to provoke error on glibc?, Apparently glibc disagrees on this assumption
 if first character does not match,value_parsed is not set-but it is NOT an input error
 Implement mutex
 improve speed
 improve speed here
 InitializeRTC crashes some computers
 io bitmap does not get physically allocated
 is this the correct way?
 libc support
 Lots of reboots/ lockups on Pentium 1 boxes
 Management control blocks in pool?
 query system default
 race condition on address space allocation
 Read-addref-read pattern needs to be added, Race condition
 really esp-local(not: ebp-local)???
 really ugly
 segment register breakage
 separate inc_kernel for ia and ia32 kernels
 Socket-A Interrupt bug
 SPC is only allowed when using LFNs provided by a Windows
 Starvation in Route functions
 step up from first page to second
 subroutine for this
 testcase breaking on infinite loop
 the, one too many flags to work on a 16-bit machine,join some(e:: g
 The if clause means one-digit values do not get formatted
 This approach is a possible attack vector
 this causes a pagefault for an unknown reason
 this is detrimental to speed on P4/ HTT processors
 update destroyed regs
 Use default COM properties by default
 We got it but still need to add proper queing
 We need to find a method to set a flag whenver a NEW character
 won’t be able to tell the difference if the exec’ed program returned 255
 Work our marshalling area
exists because CPtr(non-object ptr, object ptr) fails with a compile error, even though both are of pointerwidth
kernel CreateThread
privatepart->op_idx = ?;
mutex on resolver use
setlocale( LC_CTYPE, “” );
udi_assert((headcb->flags & MOS_CB_ALLOC_PENDING) == 0);
pagetable r/w should be altered so that we can allocate pages for use.
Copied from the previous kernel generation.
add cli/sti blocks to prevent this
width flags) into a combined field.
check RequestMemory32 AllocateMemory32 InsertPageTable32 ZeroPage32 RemoveMemoryReference32
was passed to the input buffer.
Maybe a pipe could be used instead of the 255 exit code?